Saturday, June 16, 2012

Music Recital

For the past 8 weeks or so, Holly, MaKenna and Caleb have been doing their music lessons in a new way.  MaKenna had been taking violin lessons and Caleb was learning acoustic guitar when our teacher/music minister asked if we were interested in doing something different.  He was interested in putting together some groups of kids of various levels, instruments and ages and teaching them how to use their instrument to work together as part of a group.  It sounded like an excellent, real life opportunity to us, so we agreed and Holly hopped on board.

Caleb's group was 4 boys - a pianist, drummer, electric guitarist and Caleb on bass (new for him).

MaKenna's group was a pianist and 2 violinists.

Holly's group was a little different.  It had a pianist (Holly), acoustic guitarist and electric guitarist.  However, their group was different because they actually wrote the music and lyrics for their song and then recorded them into a track which they then played and sang with - so cool!

Well, after lots of hard work, practice, lessons, practice, extra practice and more practice, they culminated all of their efforts last week in one big recital at our church with other children who have also been taking lessons.  Here are some photos from the evening, with my commentary!

All of the kids in the program

James - our music minister and the kids teacher

Christina, Charlotte and MaKenna playing Pachelbel in G


Corbin, Jack and Holly playing How Wonderful You Are - their original song

David, Caleb, Zach and Junior


MaKenna, Charlotte and Christina

Caleb's group - with Zach, David and Junior

Holly's group - with Jack and Corbin

My kiddos with James

Relieved that it is over!  Can you tell Caleb has grown again??

James created this awesome display with each of the kids pictures and left chalk for friends and family to leave messages - such a great idea!

The front of his display with the motto for the recital "Dream Big. Play Loud."

Signing the display

Another view

Close up of Caleb's comments

Holly and MaKenna's comments

Loved this one:  "The DeVore's Rock" =)
We had an amazing evening and were so blessed to be a part of this program.  Can't wait to see what happens next!



The DeVore's do ROCK!!
Awesome guys...and can't wait to hear it in person!

Love you all!